convert and download html tables to a xlsx-file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel

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table2excel is a ecma5 compiled vanilla javascript plugin to convert and download html tables to a xlsx-file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
It uses the awesome js-xlsx plugin from Sheet JS as a dependency. Thanks!

Quick Start

<script src="table2excel.js"></script>

  var table2excel = new Table2Excel();


// npm install table2excel --save
import 'table2excel';
const Table2Excel = window.Table2Excel;

const table2excel = new Table2Excel(options);

See my webpack configuration to see how to get js-xlsx running with webpack in the browser.

Additional options

You can pass in options as a parameter like new Table2Excel(options). The currently supported options are:
  • defaultFileName: The general file name of a downloaded document. Default: 'file'.
Can also be adjusted individually for export as a second parameter, e.g. table2excel.export(table, "cool table");.
  • tableNameDataAttribute: Data attribute name to identify the worksheet name of a table. Default: 'excel-name'.
Usage: <table data-excel-name="Check this out">...</table>. If not set, worksheets are numbered incrementally from 1.

Cell type handlers

table2excel detects a few special cells by default to display them correctly in Excel:
  • Numbers
  • Inputs: for input[type="text"], select or textarea elements
  • Dates: tries to parse the date or set the exact timestamp via data-timestamp on the cell (recommended!)
  • Booleans: parses 'true', 'false' or checkboxes/radios without text to booleans
  • Lists: parses <ul>...</ul> or <ol>...</ol> list elements to '..., ...'

Everything else will just get displayed as simple text. You can easily though add custom type handlers for your own needs:
Table2Excel.extend((cell, cellText) => {
  // {HTMLTableCellElement} cell - The current cell.
  // {string} cellText - The inner text of the current cell.

  // cell should be described by this type handler
  if (selector) return {
    t: ...,
    v: ...,

  // skip and run next handler
  return null;

The return value must be a js-xlsx cell object.


If you would like to submit a pull request with any changes you make, please feel free! Simply run npm test to test and npm start to compile before submitting pull requests.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to raise any problems or feature requests.