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tʌɪm | measure execution time of functions and promises

const reallyDumbSleep = () => {
  let i = 0;
  while (i < 900000000) {

taim('zzz', reallyDumbSleep)();

it measures

  • execution time of a function
  • time until a Promise is resolved
  • time until a callback function is invoked


$ npm install taim


taim(label?, Function | AsyncFunction) → Function

Returns a decorated version of a function that when invoked, measures and prints the execution time of the function.
If the function returns a Promise or is an AsyncFunction, it will instead measure the time until the returned promise is resolved.
You can optionally pass a label that will shown in the output.

taim(label?, Promise) → Promise

Wraps a Promise (or a thenable) so that when it resolves, duration from invoking taim to the promise resolving is printed to stderr.
const p =
    .then(always('Hello world!'));

taim(p).then(console.log); // Hello world!

taim.cb(label?, Function) → Function

Returns a decorated version of a function that when invoked with a callback function as the last argument, measures and prints the time until the callback is executed.
const sleeper = (ms, cb) =>
  setTimeout(() => cb(null, 'took a nap, sorry'), ms)

taim.cb('sleeper', sleeper)(500, (err, excuse) =>
  console.log('the excuse was:', excuse))


const Promise = require('bluebird');
const request = Promise.promisify(require('request'));
const taim = require('taim');

//    readURLs :: () -> Promise [String]
const readURLs = require('../lib/read-urls');

//    reqHead :: String -> Promise Response
const reqHead = taim('req', (uri) => request({ method: 'HEAD', uri }));

//    checkURLs :: [String] -> Promise ()
const checkURLs = (urls) => urls
  .map(function(url) {
    return reqHead(url).spread(function(res) {
      if (res.statusCode !== 200) throw new Error(res.statusCode);
  }, { concurrency: 1 })

const urls = taim('read urls', readURLs());
taim('all', checkURLs(urls));

useful vim mappings

These require surround.vim:
" Surround a word with taim()
nmap <buffer> <Leader>tr ysiwftaim<CR>f(

" Surround a visual selection with taim()
vmap <buffer> <Leader>tr Sftaim<CR>f(

" Use without requiring separately
nmap <buffer> <Leader>tA ysiwfrequire('taim')<CR>f(
vmap <buffer> <Leader>tA Sfrequire('taim')<CR>f(


1.1.0 - 2019-01-03

  • Added: Support for async functions

See also treistreis, a tool to debug and observe functions.