Taper (a fork of tapr) is a tap test runner that shows an appropriate level of detail with colorized output.

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Taper (a fork of tapr) is a Node.js tap test runner which allows stdout and stderr mixed in with the tap output. Also taper adds color to the output. Core based on Isaac Z Schlueter original tap runner.
For a nice description of Node.js Tap tests, see Isaac's readme on the node-tap github page.
Isaac designed his Tap implementation to be modular for easy consumation and extension. Taper customizes the runner component and uses the rest of node-tap as is.
Because Tap is modular, it is designed to be consumed in many ways (like automated build tools, customized runners) and other testing frameworks can provide producers to provide tap input.


- More concise formatting of tap output (easier to find what you care about) - Improve ability to write to stdout and stderr from tests or code - Add optional colorized output


npm install taper  # install locally
# OR
npm install -g taper  # install globally

Add to your project package.json:
"devDependencies" : {
  "taper" : "~0.2.0"

Also you will want to add a tap reporter as a devDependency to use in your tests. Try tap or tape.
Then npm install your package with dev dependencies from the project directory:
npm install


node_modules/.bin/taper.js fileOrDir   # if installed locally
taper fileOrDir  # if installed globally
taper                                     # display usage
taper --help                         # display usage
taper --version                    # display version
taper --no-color fileOrDir   # run without color output


Successful example where all tests are passing

Stderr and stdout is muted except for files which have a failing test

Failure example with some failures and stdout

- Green - successful tests and files - Red - failed tests and files - Blue - test names

Original tap runner success


Original tap runner failure



- stdout logging that looks like tap output (ok, not ok, #) will not be
displayed unless errors in file, however all stderr logging will be
displayed regardless so it is recommended.
- stdout/stderr appears before the test names and asserts due to how tap
currently outputs data
- Asserts are summarized at the bottom


- MIT license


- Original code Isaac Z. Schlueter http://blog.izs.me - tapr by author: Jeff Barczewski (@jeffbski) - James Nylen (@nylen)


- Source code repository: https://github.com/nylen/taper - Ideas and pull requests are encouraged - https://github.com/nylen/taper/issues