Resolves Telegram usernames and/or ids to a complete User or/and Chat JSON object(s)

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👤 tg-resolve
A light Node.js Library that resolves Telegram usernames and/or ids to a complete User or/and Chat JSON object(s)
Powered by PWRTelegram API


The official Telegram API does not allow bots to resolve usernames/ids out of the box. One is forced to create his/her own database so as to resolve usernames. Resolving of usernames is particularly useful in that a bot is able to get a user/chat id of a person or groub it hasn't even seen! Unlike before where a bot is only able to see a person if it has ever recieved his/her message whether in private or in a group.

Useful Scenarios

  • Group administration bots
  • In a bot which has lost its database, but users had previously started the bot
  • And much more!


```bash $ npm install tg-resolve --save ```


```js const tgresolve = require("tg-resolve"); // using the 'bare' function tgresolve(token, "@kamikazechaser", function(error, result) {
// ... handle error ...
}); // you can create a client (referred to as 'resolver') // that you can repeatedly use const resolver = new tgresolver.Tgresolve(token); // using the 'resolver' resolver.tgresolve("@kamikazechaser", function(error, result) {
// ... handle error ...
}); ``` Refer to example.js for a more comprehensive guide
  • As of v1.2.0, you will need your own bot token!
  • As of v1.3.0, you can pass in your own pwrtg url!

tgresolve(token, username, options, callback)

Resolve the username to a Result
  • token (String): Telegram bot token
  • username (String)
  • options (Object, Optional)
* **url** (String): custom [PWRTelegram API]( URL
  • callback (Function):
* signature: `callback(error, result)`

resolver = new tgresolve.Tgresolve(token, options)

Create a client/resolver.
  • token (String): Telegram bot token
  • options (Object, Optional): same as above

resolver.tgresolve(username, callback)

Resolve the username to a Result, using the client.
  • username (String)
  • callback (Function): same as above


When resolving for a Group/Channel ```js {
id: -1001065761006,
title: "End Of The World Party",
username: "EOTWGroup",
type: "supergroup",
when: "2016-10-18 11:22:56"
} ``` When resolving for a User ```js {
id: 58258161,
first_name: "John",
username: "john_doe",
type: "private",
last_name: "Doe",
when: "2016-10-18 11:22:56"
} ```

Issues And Contribution

Fork the repository and submit a pull request for whatever change you want to be added to this project. If you have any questions, just open an issue.