Resource for ThinkJS 3.x

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Resource for ThinkJS 3.x
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think-resource is an static-file handler for ThinkJS 3.x.


$  npm install think-resource


Modify src/config/middleware.js
const resource = require('think-resource')

module.exports = [
      handle: resource,
      options: {
           root: '.',
           publicPath: '/static',
           index: 'index.html',
           hidden: false,
           format: true,
           gzip: false,
           extensions: ['.txt'],
           maxage: 0,
           setHeaders: function(res, path, stats) {
           notFoundNext: false


  • root: Root directory to restrict file access, require.
  • index: Default file name, default is index.html.
  • hidden: Allow transfer of hidden files. default is false.
  • format: If not false (defaults to true), format the path to serve static file servers and not require a trailing slash for directories, so that you can do both /directory and /directory/, default is false.
  • gzip: Try to serve the gzipped version of a file automatically when gzip is supported by a client and if the requested file with .gz extension exists. default is false.
  • extensions: Try to match extensions from passed array to search for file when no extension is sufficed in URL. First found is served. default is false.
  • maxage: Function to set custom headers on response. Browser cache max-age in milliseconds, default is 0.
  • publicPath: Public path for route-match. default is /.
  • setHeaders: Function to set custom headers on response. default is false. usage: setHeaders: function(res, path, stats){}
  • notFoundNext: If it can't find target file, will continue excuting next function. default is false.


Contributions welcome!