A dxf viewer for the browser using three.js.

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Three-Dxf is a javascript viewer for dxf files. It takes dxf objects produced from Dxf-Parser and renders them using three.js.


``` npm install three-dxf ``` For now we recommend cloning the repo, and starting with our sample. See Run Samples below. Example of the viewer


```javascript // See index.js in the sample for more details var parser = new window.DxfParser(); var dxf = parser.parseSync(fileReader.result); cadCanvas = new ThreeDxf.Viewer(dxf, document.getElementById('cad-view'), 400, 400); ```

Run Samples

first, compile three-dxf
npm install
npm run build
then install the sample's dependencies
cd sample
npm install
go back to the root and run http-server to run the sample
cd ..
npm install -g http-server@0.9.0
http-server .
use http-server -c-1 . to prevent caching
``` After performing the steps above, you can see the example at You can use the dxf file included in the sample. NOTE: the latest version of http-server will go into a redirect loop if you exlcude "/index.html" from the url.

Supported DXF Features

  • Most LW entities (lines, polylines, circles, etc)
  • Layers
  • Simple Text
  • Splines
  • Ellipses
  • Text and MText (Basic multiline support available in v1.3.0 but not all formatting is supported)
Does not yet support:
  • Attributes
  • 3DSolids
  • All types of Leaders
  • other less common objects and entities.