orbit controls for ThreeJS

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ThreeJS OrbitControls as an npm module. See test for an example.
var THREE = require('three')
var OrbitControls = require('three-orbit-controls')(THREE)

function start(gl, width, height) {
    renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({
        canvas: gl.canvas
    renderer.setClearColor(0x000000, 1.0)

    scene = new THREE.Scene()
    camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(50, width/height, 1, 1000)
    camera.position.set(0, 1, -3)
    camera.lookAt(new THREE.Vector3())

    controls = new OrbitControls(camera)

    var geo = new THREE.BoxGeometry(1,1,1)
    var mat = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({ wireframe: true, color: 0xffffff })
    var box = new THREE.Mesh(geo, mat)

function render(gl, width, height) {
    renderer.render(scene, camera)



OrbitControls = require('three-orbit-controls')(THREE)

This module exports a function which accepts an instance of THREE, and returns an OrbitControls class. This allows you to use the module with CommonJS, globals, etc.
The returned function has the following constructor pattern:
controls = new OrbitControls(camera[, domElement])


This uses an unusual versioning system to better support ThreeJS's (lack of) versioning. The major version of this repo will line up with ThreeJS breaking releases (69.0.0 => r69). Often the module will continue to work (i.e. 69.0.0 should work with r70).
The minor will be reserved for any new features, and patch for bug fixes and documentation/readme updates. In some rare cases, a minor feature may introduce a breaking change; so it's generally safest to use tilde or --save-exact for this module.
If you see any version issues, open a ticket!


Git clone, npm install and then run npm start to spin up a development server. Open localhost:9966 in your browser to see the test.js file in action.