quick harness for viewing a mesh with orbit viewer

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(click for demo)
Quick harness to create a runnable demo for ThreeJS scenes. For a demo, see demo/test.js or three-gl-state-example.
var createOrbitViewer = require('three-orbit-viewer')(THREE)

var app = createOrbitViewer({
    clearColor: 0x000000,
    clearAlpha: 1.0,
    fov: 65,
    position: new THREE.Vector3(1, 1, -2)

var geo = new THREE.BoxGeometry(1,1,1)
var mat = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({ wireframe: true, color: 0xffffff })
var box = new THREE.Mesh(geo, mat)

app.on('tick', function(dt) {
    //.. handle pre-render updates    



viewer = createViewer(THREE)([options])

This module exports a function which accepts the THREE instance, and returns a new function which creates the orbit viewer with the specified options.
  • fov field of view, defaults to 50
  • near the near z depth for the camera, defaults to 0.1
  • far the far z depth for the camera, defaults to 1000
  • clearColor the THREE.Color or hex code, default black
  • clearAlpha the alpha, default 0
  • position THREE.Vector3 for the initial camera position, defaults to 1, 1, -2
  • target THREE.Vector3 for the initial orbit controller's target
  • other options that could be passed into canvas-app


Listens for tick events before render, dispatched with dt as the first and only parameter. Alternatively, you can use on('render') for events called after the renderer has finished.


Listens for resize events, dispatched with width, height as parameters. Camera aspect, renderer viewport, and canvas retina scaling is already taken into account.


Instance of THREE.WebGLRenderer


Instance of THREE.Scene

Instance of THREE.PerspectiveCamera


Instance of three-orbit-controller.


Instance of canvas-app which you can call stop() and start() on, or access for current width/height/fps/etc.

Running the Demo

To build and run the demo, git clone this repo then:
cd three-orbit-viewer
npm install
npm test

And open localhost:9966 in your browser.

Building / Testing

To build from source, git clone and npm install local dependencies, then run npm start to run a development server on localhost:9966 or npm run build to create a compressed bundle of the demo source.


This uses an unusual versioning system to better support ThreeJS's (lack of) versioning. The major version of this repo will line up with ThreeJS releases (69.0.0 => r69). The minor will be reserved for any new features, and patch for bug fixes and documentation/readme updates. In some rare cases, a minor feature may introduce a breaking change; so it's generally safest to use tilde or save-exact for this module.


MIT, see for details.