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$ yarn install --save tibber-express-utils


import { jsonRouting, HttpResult, ConflictError, NotFoundError, NotAuthorizedError, BadRequestError, ServerError } from 'tibber-express-utils';
//decorate router with jsonrouting and provide an (optional) logger to receive messages raised during request handling.
const router = jsonRouting({expressRouter:express.Router(), logger});

 * Use Tibber's middleware shorthand functions with the 'jsonXXX' naming convention.

router.jsonGet('/api/test', req=>({test:123})); //return result directy
router.jsonGet('/api/test2', req=>(new HttpResult(230, {test:123}))); //return result with customer statuscode
router.jsonGet('/api/test3', req=> throw new NotFoundError('this is a test error'));

router.jsonGet('/api/test4', async req=>{ //supports promises
    return await someAsyncOperation();

 * Use original express functions as normal
router.get('/api/test5', (req, res)=>{
  // regular express func;

Upgrading to 2.0.0

Breaking changes in 2.0.0 include:
- Router.expressXXX(...) API has been deprecated, in favour of using original HTTP RequestHandler methods. - Overridden HTTP RequestHandler methods are now exposed via Router.jsonXXX(...) API. Significant changes in terminology: - contextFn is now called contextSelector.
Other changes incude:
- Conversion to typescript, including typings.

Migration from 1.8. to 2.0.0

In order to migrate to 2.0.0:
  1. revert all calls to Router.expressXXX(...) to their original Router.XXX(...) methods.
- E.g. `router.expressGet(...)` becomes `router.get(...)`
  1. update all calls to overriden HTTP RequestHandler methods to router.jsonXXX(...).
- E.g. `router.get(...)` becomes `router.jsonGet(...)`

Upgrading to 3.0.0

Breaking changes in 3.0.0 include:
- jsonRouting(...) now accepts a single object containing the parameters.
Other changes:
- jsonRouting(...) also accepts a logger which is used to log all exceptions occurring during request handling.

Migration from 2.0. to 3.0.0

In order to migrate to 3.0.0:
  1. Update jsonRouting(express.Router(), contextSelector) statements to jsonRouting({contextSelector, expressRouter: express.Router()}) or
more preferably to `jsonRouting({contextSelector, logger, expressRouter: express.Router()})`).
Uses gts, Google's base typescript environment configuration.
To test, run yarn test. To compile, run yarn compile. Assets will be in /build.

Linting and formatting

gts includes sane (and strict) settings for eslint and prettier.
Run yarn lint --fix to run eslint on the whole project.