Displays the execution time for Node.js modules loading; inspired by @sindresorhus 'time-grunt'

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time-require @ Jaguard OSS 100% Built with gulp.js
Displays the execution time for Node.js modules loading by hooking and tracing all require() calls.
This module was inspired by @sindresorhus's time-grunt.

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Default usage (non-verbose) showing required modules in loaded order, above 1% treshold default
Verbose (all) & sorted usage showing all required modules in sorted order verbose-sorted


Install with npm
npm install --save time-require


  1. Embeded usage, generally as first require() call in your main module.
  1. External usage with --require preload supported by Liftoff driven CLI modules like gulp.js or Grunt-Next
gulp --require time-require --sorted
  1. If you're using gulp.js, use instead gulpt, a gulp CLI wrapper that automatically preload time-require.
npm install -g gulpt
gulpt build --sorted

Display layout

Modules loading that take less than 1% of the total time are hidden to reduce clutter. To show all the modules use the --verbose (or --V) flag on the running CLI. To sort the modules according to the loading time (longest on top) use the --sorted (or --s) flag on the running CLI.


Detailed API documentation can be found in 'doc' folder.


Detailed development documentation can be found in 'doc' folder.


MIT © Jaguard OSS


  • v0.1.2 (2014.04.20)
* README.md: add NPM downloads and GitHub release, add `gulpt` usage, remove BitBucket hosting/refs
* package.json: update dependencies
* .npmignore: remove all development-related files from NPM (clone the repo instead)
  • v0.1.1 (2014.04.10)
* gulpfile.js: add `notifyError` for stream error notification, add `seqTask` for sequential task control, fix `project.js` config replacing `lib/` with `src/`
* README.md: detail project hosting [@BitBucket](https://bitbucket.org/jaguard/time-require) & mirror [@GitHub](https://github.com/jaguard/time-require).
* LICENSE.md renamed to LICENSE to keep it as a simple text file
* package.json: set the [GitHub](https://github.com/jaguard/time-require) mirror as repository, add `run-sequence` for task order control, add `gulp-notify` for notification support
  • v0.1.0 (2014.04.10)
+ Added `.travis.yml` file for travis-ci.org build support
+ Published `time-require` module to [npm](https://www.npmjs.org/package/time-require)
* Include screenshoots as absolute links
  • v0.0.1 (2014.03.10)
+ Initial release