Experience API (Tin Can API) Library

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A JavaScript library for implementing the Experience API (Tin Can API).
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For hosted API documentation, basic usage instructions, supported version listing, etc. visit the main project website at:
For more information about the Experience API visit:

Browser Usage

TinCanJS is available via npm and Bower.
The browser environment is well tested and supports two kinds of Cross Origin requests which is sufficient to cover most versions of Chrome, FireFox, Safari as well as IE 8+. IE 6+ are supported for non-CORS (because they don't support it).
Include one of build/tincan-min.js or build/tincan.js as follows:
<script src="build/tincan-min.js"></script>

Node.js Usage

TinCanJS is available via npm.
The Environment/Node.js wrapper used in this version has a dependency on the 'xhr2' module which is also available via npm. It is used to allow the interfaces to the underlying LRS requests to have the same API. As such currently there is no support for synchronous requests when using this environment.
Install via:
npm install tincanjs
And within code:
var TinCan = require('tincanjs');


Implementing a new Environment should be straightforward and requires overloading a couple of methods in the library. There are currently two examples, Environment/Browser and Environment/Node.

Attachment Support

Sending and retrieving statements with attachments via the multipart/mixed request/response cycle works end to end with binary attachments in Node.js 4+ and in the typical modern browsers: Chrome 53+, Firefox 48+, Safari 9+, IE 10+ (current versions at time of implementation, older versions may work without changes but have not been tested). Attachments without included content (those using only the fileUrl property) should be supported in all environments supported by the library.
Several polyfills (TypedArrays, ArrayBuffer w/ slice, Blob, TextDecoder/TextEncoder) are needed to support various browser versions, if you are targeting a recent enough set of browsers you can reduce the overall size of the built library by commenting out those polyfills in the Gruntfile.js file and building yourself.