Javascript Toast Plugin - Easy, Responsive and Touch Compatible

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toasted is responsive, touch compatible, easy to use, attractive and feature rich with icons, actions etc...

Interactive demo

demo here


Source|Info -----|----- npm | npm install toastedjs --save yarn | yarn add toastedjs unpkg (js) | unpkg (css) | jsdelivr |

Basic Usage


```javascript import Toasted from 'toastedjs' import 'toastedjs/dist/toastedjs.min.css' //import 'toastedjs/src/sass/toast.scss' let toasted = new Toasted({ / your options.. / })'yo, toasted here !!') ```


```html ```



Actions are used to make the toasts interactive (save, undo, cancel, close), you can have one or more options on a single toast.

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```javascript // you can pass multiple actions as an array of actions action : {
text : 'Save',
onClick : (e, toasted) => {
} ``` ⬇ check action api below


Material Icons
supported. you will have to import the icon packs into your project. ```javascript {
// pass the icon name as string
icon : 'check'
// or you can pass an object
icon : {
name : 'watch',
after : true // this will append the icon to the end of content
} ``` ⬇ check icons api below



below are the options you can pass to create a toast or you can set these options globally. ```javascript // you can pass options either let toasted = new Toasted({
position : 'top-center',
theme : 'alive',
onComplete : () => {
console.log('i am done !')
}) ```
Option|Type's|Default|Description -----|-----|-----|----- position|String|'top-right'|Position of the toast container
'top-right', 'top-center', 'top-left', 'bottom-right', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-left' duration|Number|null|Display time of the toast in millisecond action|Object, Array|null| ⬇ check action api below fullWidth|Boolean|FALSE|Enable Full Width fitToScreen|Boolean|FALSE|Fits to Screen on Full Width className|String, Array|null|Custom css class name of the toast containerClass|String, Array|null|Custom css classes for toast container Icon|String, Object|null| ⬇ check icons api below type|String|'default'|Type of the Toast 
'success', 'info', 'error' theme|String|'primary'|Theme of the toast you prefer
'primary', 'outline', 'bubble' onComplete|Function|null|Trigger when toast is completed


Parameters|Type's|Default|Description -----|-----|-----|----- text|String|-| name of action href|String|null| url of action icon|String|null| name of material for action class|String/Array|null| custom css class for the action onClick|Function(e,toastObject) |null| onClick Function of action


Parameters|Type's|Default|Description -----|-----|-----|----- name
|String|-| name of the icon color|String|null| color of the icon after|Boolean|null| append the icon to end of the toast


Methods available under ToastedJS ```javascript // you can pass string or html to message let toasted = new Toasted({ / global options / }) 'my message', { / some new option / }) ```
Method|Parameter's|Description -----|-----|----- show|message, options|Show a toast success|message, options|Show a toast success style info|message, options|Show a toast info style error|message, options|Show a toast error style register|name, messagestring,function(payload) , options|Register your own toast with options explained here group|options|Create a new group of toasts (new toast container with its options) clear|-|Clear all toasts

Toast Instance (Single toast instance)

Each Toast Returns a Toast Instance where you can manipulate the toast. ```javascript let toasted = new Toasted() let myToast ="Holla !!") myToast.text("Changing the text !!!").delete(1500) let anotherToast = toasted.error("Oopss.. my bad !") anotherToast.text("Oopss.. it's okey..") ``` Option|Type's|Description -----|-----|----- options|Object|Options of the toast instance toast|HTMLElement|Html Element of the toast text|Function(message)|Change text of the toast delete|Function(delay = 300)|Delete the toast with animation and delay destroy|Function|Destroy the toast unregister from parent instance

Browsers support

| IE / Edge

IE / Edge | Firefox
Firefox | Chrome
Chrome | Safari
Safari | Opera
Opera | iOS Safari
iOS Safari | Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android | | --------- | --------- | --------- | --------- | --------- | --------- | --------- | | IE10, IE11, Edge| last 7 versions| last 7 versions| last 7 versions| last 7 versions| last 3 versions| last 3 versions Please Open and issue If You have Found any Issues.

Mobile Responsiveness

On Mobile Toasts will be on full width. according to the position the toast will either be on top or bottom.


  • Uses lightweight and fast animejs for animations.
  • Whoever contributes to this project :wink:
Enjoy Toasting !!