This node library is a client to interact with Tookan.

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Tookan npm module
This node library is a client to interact with the Tookan API
Install the npm module:
npm install tookan-api

A simple example to create client:
Tookan = require('tookan-api');

var client = new Tookan.Client({api_key: "69616586f71342011c116e6a559626531fxg478ecc7fb23da733e5a15"});
The Tookan Client constructor accepts an configuration object as an argument.
Tookan = require('tookan-api');

client = new Tookan.Client(options);

Valid options:
  • api_key: User's key to use for authenticated operations. This must be the user's api key.

Function Calls

Refer to Tookan API Docs for details. All the functions return a Promise object in response.
Example to call a Tookan API.
var response = client.<Function_Name>(options);

FunctionName can be :
  • addAgent: To add an agent/driver/fleet to your account.
  • editAgent: To edit agent's details.
  • getAllAgents: To view agents.
  • viewAgentProfile: To view an agent's profile.
  • blockAndUnblockAgent: To block or unblock an agent.
  • getAgentTags: To view tags related to agents.
  • updateAgentTags: To update tags related to an agent.
  • getAgentLogs: To view agent's logs.
  • getAgentLocation: To view agent's location.
  • sendNotificationToAgent: To send push notifications to logged in agent(s).
  • getAgentSchedule: To get the agent schedule for a particular date.
  • assignAgentToTask: To assign a task to agent.
  • deleteAgent: To delete an agent.

  • createTask: To create a Pickup/Delivery/Appointment/FOS task.
  • createMultipleTasks: To create multiple Pickup-Delivery/Appointment/Fos tasks.
  • getTaskDetails: To view task details.
  • getTaskDetailsFromOrderId: To view task details from order Id.
  • editTask: To edit a task.
  • editMultipleTask: To edit multiple tasks.
  • updateTaskStatus: To update a task's status.
  • startTask: To change task's status to start.
  • cancelTask: To cancel a task.
  • assignTask: To manually assign a task.
  • autoAssignTask: To auto-assign task.
  • getAllTasks: To view all tasks.
  • getTaskStatistics: To view task related statistics.
  • deleteTask: To delete a task.

  • createMission: To create a Mission.
  • missionList: To view list of missions.
  • deleteMission: To delete a mission.

  • createTeam: To create a team.
  • updateTeam: To update a team.
  • deleteTeam: To delete a team.
  • getTeamDetails: To view team details.
  • getJobAndAgentDetails: To get task/agent details for a team.

  • createManager: To create a manager.
  • viewManager: To view manager details.
  • deleteManager: To delete a manager.

  • addCustomer: To add a customer.
  • getCustomers: To view list of customers.
  • editCustomer: To edit a customer's details.
  • findCustomerWithPhone: To search for customer using phone number.
  • findCustomerWithName: to search for customer using name.
  • viewCustomerProfile: To view a customer's profile.
  • deleteCustomer: To delete a customer.

  • createMerchant: To create a merchant.
  • viewMerchant: To view merchants.
  • editMerchant: To edit merchant details.
  • getMerchantDetails: To view a merchant's details.
  • getMerchantReport: To view a merchant's report.
  • blockAndUnblockMerchant: To block or unblock a merchant.
  • getAvailableMerchantAgents: To get a list of available merchant's agents.
  • assignMerchantAgentToTask: To assign a task to merchant's agent.
  • createMerchantTask: To create a task for merchant.
  • createMultipleMerchantTasks: To create connected tasks for merchant.
  • editMerchantTask: To edit a task of merchant.
  • assignMerchantToTask: To assign a merchant to task.
  • getMerchantTeams: To view merchant's teams.

  • addRegion: To add a geofence.
  • editRegion: To edit a geofence.
  • viewRegions: to view geofences.
  • viewRegionDetails: To view a geofence's details.
  • removeRegionForAgent: To remove a region for agent.
  • deleteRegion: To delete a geofence.