A loader used to add SASS themes for React Toolbox

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React Toolbox Loader
A webpack loader to add custom theming variables to your React Toolbox Components build process. You can install it as an npm package:
npm install --save-dev toolbox-loader

The configuration file

You just need to create a config file holding the variables you want to modify for your build and tell webpack to include it in the building process. For example you can create a little theme.scss file in your project context folder:
$color-primary: $palette-indigo-500 !default;
$color-primary-dark: $palette-indigo-700 !default;
$color-accent: $palette-pink-a200 !default;
$color-accent-dark: $palette-pink-700 !default;
$color-primary-contrast: $color-dark-contrast !default;
$color-accent-contrast: $color-dark-contrast !default;

Add the file to your css loader

In your webpack configuration you can add an option to webpack specifying the name of the configuration file. By default it's theme.scss so if you call it that way you just need to add the loader:
module: {
    loaders: [{
        test: /(\.scss|\.css)$/,
        loader: ExtractTextPlugin.extract('style', 'css!sass!toolbox')
toolboxTheme: 'theme.scss',

With this configuration your SASS files will be loaded with the context provided by your configuration file.