CSS for clean and fast web apps

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CSS for clean and fast web apps


  • Open index.html to view the usage guides.
  • Copy your desired theme CSS from the css/ folder into your project
  • Copy the img/ and font/ folders into your project ( Feel free to only
copy the images and font weights you intend to use )
  • Link the CSS into your page

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/topcoat-mobile-light.min.css">

Alternatively incorporate the css into your build process if you are so inclined.


Start by checking out our Backlog
. (Pls file issues against this repo.)
git checkout -b my_branch
git commit -am "Added some awesome stuff"
  • Push your branch
git push origin my_branch

For the details see our Engineering Practices.


For performance tests, see dev/test/perf/telemetry/.


Topcoat uses Grunt to build
  • Open the terminal from the topcoat directory
cd topcoat
comes packaged with node.
  • Install its command line interface (CLI) globally
npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install dependencies with npm
npm install
Topcoat uses Grunt 0.4.0. You might want to read
more on their website if you haven't upgraded since a lot has changed.
  • Type grunt in the command line to build the css.
  • The results will be built into the release folder.
  • Alternatively type grunt watch to have the build run automatically when you make changes to
source files.

Release notes

See Release Notes


Apache license