Topological sort of directed acyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

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Sorting directed acyclic graphs, for Node.js, io.js and the browser This was originally done by Marcel Klehr. Why not checkout his original repo?


There are a few ways for installing Toposort. Here are them:
  • Via NPM: npm install toposort-class
  • Via Bower: bower install toposort
  • Via Git: git clone git://
  • Direct download (Minified) for use in the browser


Let's say you have the following dependency graph:
  • Plugin depends on Backbone and jQuery UI Button;
  • Backbone depends on jQuery and Underscore;
  • jQuery UI Button depends on jQuery UI Core and jQuery UI Widget;
  • jQuery UI Widget and jQuery UI Core depend on jQuery;
  • jQuery and Underscore don't depend on anyone.

Now, how would you sort this in a way that each asset will be correctly placed? You'll probably need the following sorting:
  • jQuery, jQuery UI Core, jQuery UI Widget, jQuery UI Button, Underscore, Backbone, Plugin

You can achieve it with the following code, using toposort-class:
var Toposort = require('toposort-class'),
	t = new Toposort();

t.add("jquery-ui-core", "jquery")
 .add("jquery-ui-widget", "jquery")
 .add("jquery-ui-button", ["jquery-ui-core", "jquery-ui-widget"])
 .add("plugin", ["backbone", "jquery-ui-button"])
 .add("backbone", ["underscore", "jquery"]);


/* Will output:
 * ['jquery', 'jquery-ui-core', 'jquery-ui-widget', 'jquery-ui-button', 'underscore', 'backbone', 'plugin']
 * And you're done.


CommonJS (Node.js and io.js):
var Toposort = require('toposort-class'),
	t = new Toposort();

Browser with AMD:
define("myModule", ["Toposort"], function(Toposort) {
    var t = new Toposort();

Browser without AMD:
var t = new window.Toposort();

or whatever global object there is instead of window.


.add(item, deps)

  • {String} item - The name of the dependent item that is being added
  • {Array|String} deps - A dependency or list of dependencies of item

{Toposort} The Toposort instance, for chaining.


{Array} The list of dependencies topologically sorted.
This method will check for cyclic dependencies, like "A is dependent of A".


{Toposort} The Toposort instance, for chaining.
Clears all edges, effectively resetting the instance.


Reference to the Toposort constructor.


MIT License