<h1 align="center">tquinlan1992-webpack-util and tquinlan1992-webpack-util-jest</h1>

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tquinlan1992-webpack-util and tquinlan1992-webpack-util-jest

npm Dependencies
Custom typescript wrapper around webpack


  • Install with npm: ``npm install --save-dev tquinlan1992-webpack-util``



  • run with ``tquinlan1992-webpack-util``

Config.json path

  • The config path is relative to package.json
  • Default config path is ``./tquinlan1992-webpack-util.config.json``
  • To run with a different config path use the flag --config to specify the path
``tquinlan1992-webpack-util --config <config path>``

  • Use the flag ``--watch` or `-w`` for the alias
``tquinlan1992-webpack-util --watch``
Dev Server

  • To run the dev server: use the flag ``--devServer` or `-d`` for the alias
``tquinlan1992-webpack-util -devServer` - The watch flag is ignored when using the `--devServer`` flag

tquinlan1992-webpack-util.config.json Schema

    "entry": "any file with extension ['.ts', '.tsx', '.js'] for index of app",
    "appOutputFilename": "Name of bundled build javascript file",
    "appOutputPath": "build path for app and publicDirOut",
    "htmlTitle": "title of html file generated",
    "publicDirSrc": "Path of static files (environment variables are recommended for this directory)",
    "publicDirOut": "directory path relative to appOutputPath",
    "tsconfig": "path of tsconfig.json file, defaults to ./tsconfig.json relative to project root"

Sample tquinlan1992-webpack-util.config.json

    "entry": "/src/app.tsx",
    "appOutputFilename": "app.js",
    "appOutputPath": "/build",
    "htmlTitle": "Webpack",
    "publicDirSrc": "/src/public/**/*",
    "publicDirOut": "/public",
    "urlBase": "hostname",
    "port": "optional port for hostname",
    "allowedHosts": "optional hosts allowed"

Jest (For testing)

This is a wrapper around the Jest test with typescript/jsx configurations setup, file-loader configurations
- To run all tests ``tquinlan1992-webpack-util-jest` - This runs the tests for `"(/__src__/.*|(\\.|/)(test|spec))\\.(jsx?|tsx?|ts?|js?)$"``
- All jest cli commands can be used https://facebook.github.io/jest/docs/en/cli.html

Development env for index.js

  • ``#!/usr/bin/env node``