Transform coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

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Transform coordinates from one coordinate system to another. Just a wrapper around proj4 and epsg-index.
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npm install transform-coordinates


proj4 is a battle-proven tool for converting from one any coordinate system into any other. You need to specify a long and complicated string for both system though, to tell proj4 how to convert. has an index of those strings. epsg-index is an offline copy of them.
This module glues together proj4 and epsg-index and returns a clean API.


const transformation = require('transform-coordinates')

const transform = transformation('EPSG:4326', '3068') // WGS 84 to Soldner Berlin

console.error(transform.forward({x: 13.4105, y: 52.5034}))
// {
// 	x: 25405.407133664165,
// 	y: 19607.826100560924,
// 	z: -40.94089552294463
// }

transformation(from, to) returns a proj4 object with forward() and inverse().

See also

  • projections – Collection of (stereographic) map/coordinate projections.
  • proj4 – library to transform coordinates from one coordinate system to another
  • epsg-index – A machine-readable index of all EPSG coordinate systems.


If you have a question or have difficulties using transform-coordinates, please double-check your code and setup first. If you think you have found a bug or want to propose a feature, refer to the issues page.