Travix CSS variables for themes polyfill

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CSS variables for themes polyfill
Warning: It is not a full featured polyfill for CSS variables. It is just cover the case of flat variables (no nesting) for Travix.
Moreover, the name of global object with map for CSS variables is hardcoded.

How to install

  • npm i travix-css-themes-polyfill -S install as a dependency

or use it via CDN
  • <script src="path-to-CDN-goes-here"></script>

How it works

Requirement: The polyfill expect to have global object with a name TravixTheme with values for variables.
The script will check all <link> tags with data attribute data-cssvars and will process them with CSS variables mapping.
It also add an event listener for DOMSubtreeModified and when new style tag added it will map its content as well.
There is a global function cssThemeService which you can use when you need to map CSS variables with Travix theme.


Add it to your main bundle before any dynamically styles tags added.
Preferably add this code only for target platforms: IE11, Edge 14 and Android 4.x



  • npm run test to run unit test
  • npm run lint to check ES-lint errors


Since there is no transpiling step your code must be compatible with IE11


To publish this package run Makefile