Displays the size of a truffle contracts in kilobytes

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This Truffle plugin displays the contract size of all or a selection of your smart contracts in kilobytes.


  1. Install the plugin with npm

npm install truffle-contract-size

  1. Add the plugin to your truffle.js or truffle-config.js file
module.exports = {
  /* ... rest of truffle-config */

  plugins: [


The command can be executed without any arguments to display the size of all contracts in the projects.
truffle run contract-size

To show only certain contracts one or more contract names can be given as arguments to the contracts option:
truffle run contract-size --contracts ExampleContract1 ExampleContract2

Check maximum contract sizes

The plugin can be used to check that the smart contracts aren't bigger than the allowed maximum contract size of the Ethereum Mainnet (24 KiB = 24576 bytes). For example this can be used, to make a CI/CD pipeline fail, if a contract is bigger than allowed.
truffle run contract-size --checkMaxSize

If another size limit than the default one should be checked, it can be given as argument to the option. For example to set the maximum to 48 KiB the following command can be used:
truffle run contract-size --checkMaxSize 48

If one or more of the contracts are bigger than the maximum size, an error message will de displayed, and the exit status will be 1.

Ignore mocks

Mock contracts are used to improve the testing of smart contracts. As they are only used during testing and will not be deployed, it can be useful to ignore when calculating the contract sizes. When the option is used, all contract which names are ending with Mock will be ignored. This can especially be useful in combination with the --checkMaxSize option.
truffle run contract-size --ignoreMocks