Generate TypeScript types from other types

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Generate and transform existing TypeScript types.
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```sh-session $ npm install -g ts-gen-types $ ts-gen-types COMMAND running command... $ ts-gen-types (-v|--version|version) ts-gen-types/1.1.4 darwin-x64 node-v10.12.0 $ ts-gen-types --help COMMAND USAGE $ ts-gen-types COMMAND ...
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# Commands

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* [`ts-gen-types const-enum-to-enum`](#ts-gen-types-const-enum-to-enum)
* [`ts-gen-types help [COMMAND]`](#ts-gen-types-help-command)

## `ts-gen-types const-enum-to-enum`

Generate an enum from a const enum
USAGE $ ts-gen-types const-enum-to-enum
OPTIONS -h, --help show CLI help -q, --singleQuote Use single quotes instead of double quotes. Defaults to false. -s, --sourceFile=sourceFile (required) Source file path -t, --targetFile=targetFile (required) Target file path --comment=comment Optional comment to append to the target enum --sourceName=sourceName Name of the const enum in the source file path. Optional if there's only one --targetName=targetName Name of the generated enum. Defaults to sourceName --trailingComma=(es5|all|none) default: none Trailing comma
EXAMPLE $ ts-gen-types const-enum-to-enum -s -t
_See code: [src/commands/const-enum-to-enum.ts](https://github.com/bengry/ts-gen-types/blob/v1.1.4/src/commands/const-enum-to-enum.ts)_

## `ts-gen-types help [COMMAND]`

display help for ts-gen-types
USAGE $ ts-gen-types help COMMAND
ARGUMENTS COMMAND command to show help for
OPTIONS --all see all commands in CLI ```
See code: @oclif/plugin-help