Preset of rules for React & TypeScript development.

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Preset of rules for React & TypeScript development. Created to help developers write clean code and not to worry about TSLint configuration.


tslint-react-recommended has implicit peer dependencies on tslint (version 5.0.0 or higher), typscript (version 2.1.0-dev or higher), tslint-react (version 3.0.0 or higher) and tslint-eslint-rules (version 4.0.0 ot higher). So you should install it in case of using this preset.
To install this package execute following commands.
• in case of using Yarn: (recommended)
yarn add tslint-react-recommended --dev

• in case of using npm:
npm install tslint-react-recommended --save-dev


To use these this preset, use configuration inheritance via the extends keyword. Here's a sample configuration where tslint.json lives adjacent to your nodemodules folder:
	"extends": ["tslint-react-recommended"],
	"rules": {
		// if you want to make some adjustments
		// you can override preset rules here

Essentials to know

  • No omission of curly braces, curly braces should be on the same line with code;
  • 2 space intendation;
  • LF end of line;
  • const whenever possible;
  • No trailing spaces and commas;
  • No parens for one-agrument lambdas;
  • Specify return and parameter types whenver possible (except lambdas).

Just a tip

I prefer to use this package
to set rules for naming variables, classes, etc. instead of variable-name rule. So I disabled variable-name to prevent rule collisions.
You can decide what to use in your project. Good luck!