HMAC-SHA-512-256 based on TweetNaCl.js

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HMAC-SHA-512-256 for TweetNacl.js
Implementation of (requires TweetNaCl.js).
Written in 2014 by Dmitry Chestnykh. Public domain.
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Via NPM:
$ npm install tweetnacl-auth
or just download nacl-auth.js or nacl-auth.min.js and include it after TweetNaCl.js:
<script src="nacl.min.js"></script>
<script src="nacl-auth.min.js"></script>

If using a CommonJS environment, such as Node.js, you can import it into nacl namespace:
var nacl = require('tweetnacl');
nacl.auth = require('tweetnacl-auth');


nacl.auth(message, key)

Authenticates the given message with the secret key. (In other words, returns HMAC-SHA-512-256 of the message under the key.)

nacl.auth.full(message, key)

Returns HMAC-SHA-512 (without truncation) of the message under the key

nacl.auth.authLength = 32

Length of authenticator returned by nacl.auth.

nacl.auth.authFullLength = 64

Length of authenticator returned by nacl.auth.full.

nacl.auth.keyLength = 32

Length of key for nacl.auth and nacl.auth.full (key length is currently not enforced).