Create cross package links and include non-exported types

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This module helps monorepos to create a nicer documentation with cross package links, and also creating non-exported but in packages Symbols.
Supports TypeDoc 0.22.x

What is does?

After TypeDoc has finished converting package; it will;
  • Look for types which are referenced and have been instantiate on other scopes and create a link to it.
  • Look for types which are referenced, but not exported, and place them into an internal namespace for that entry point (called internal by default).

If your project references classes which are built into the language (e.g. HTMLElement), this package will result in those types being documented to. If you want to prevent this, set TypeDoc's excludeExternals option to true. The default pattern for determining if a symbol is external will exclude everything within node_modules.


npm install typedoc-monorepo-link-types --save-dev

TypeDoc will automatically use this plugin when present.


| Name | Type | Description | | :------------------ | :-------- | :-------------------------------------------------------------- | | internalNamespace | string | Define the name of the namespace to append non exported symbols | | noMissingExports | boolean | Disabling this only link between exported types will be created |

Road map

  • Add tests