Bundels typescript declaration generated by typescript loaded into one ts file.

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Bundles typescript declarations generated by typescript loaded into one .d.ts file.
What it does
The Plugin looks at all declaration files which the typescript loader generated and merges them into one. Import will be sorted so that each module or package is only imported once.

Install via npm

Install this plugin via npm.
npm install --dev typescript-declaration-webpack-plugin


Enable declaration generation by adding the following to the compiler options in your tsconfig.json file.
    "compilerOptions": {
        "declaration": true

Webpack plugin

Add the following to your webpack.config.js file.
const TypescriptDeclarationPlugin = require('typescript-declaration-webpack-plugin');
module.exports = {
    plugins: [
        new TypescriptDeclarationPlugin({
            // Options for TypescriptDeclarationPlugin (see below)


There are several options how you can customize the behavior of this plugin. Just pass these options to the constructor of the TypescriptDeclarationPlugin class.
| Option | Descrption | Type | | ------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -------- | | out | Name of the bundled file. Per default index.d.ts | string | | removeMergedDeclarations | If true the plugin will remove all merged declaration files. Per default true | bool | | removeComments | Remove all comments from declaration files. Per default true | bool |
Feature plan
  • Merging declaration map's generated by declarationMap compiler option
  • Support multiple entry points, only include declarations of imported sources
  • Multiline comments should remove only the comment part