Parser for typescript (and javascript) files, that compiles those files and generates a human understandable AST.

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node typescript parser
This package is a TypeScript and ECMAScript parser. It uses the underlying typescript parser to generate a more or less human readable AST out of .js or .ts files.
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How to use

After you install the package via:

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You can use the parser with:
const parser = new TypescriptParser();

// either:
const parsed = await parser.parseSource(/* typescript source code as string */);

// or a filepath
const parsed = await parser.parseFile('/user/myfile.ts', 'workspace root');

You can also parse multiple files at ones.
To use the declaration index (which is basically a list of symbols for your files) instantiate an index first and throw him some files.
After the parsing is done, you'll get an index with resolved exports and declarations.
Keep in mind, that the index'll only contain exported declarations.


The changelog is generated by semantic release and is located under the release section.


This software is licenced under the MIT licence.