Various tools for using and integrating with Swagger.

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swagger-tools with TypeScript support
Original project can be found at https://github.com/apigee-127/swagger-tools
The project provides various tools for integrating and interacting with Swagger. This project is in its infancy but what is within the repository should be fully tested and reusable. Please visit the issue trackerproject-issues to see what issues we are aware of and what features/enhancements we are working on. Otherwise, feel free to review the Release Notesrelease-notes to see what is new and improved.

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Supported Swagger Versions


  • Simple CLI
* Validate Swagger document(s)
* Convert Swagger 1.2 documents to Swagger 2.0
  • Schema validation: For the file(s) supported by the Swagger specification, ensure they pass structural validation
based on the JSON Schemajson-schema associated with that version of the specification (Browser and Node)
  • Semantic validation: Validates Swagger files above and beyond the structure of the file (Browser and Node)
  • Connect middleware for adding pertinent Swagger information to your requests (Node only)
  • Connect middleware for wiring up security handlers for requests based on Swagger documentation (Node only)
  • Connect middleware for wiring request handlers to requests based on Swagger documentation (Node only)
  • Connect middleware for serving your Swagger documents and Swagger UIswagger-ui (Node only)
  • Connect middleware for using Swagger resource documents for pre-route validation (Node only)
* Validate the request/response Content-Type based on the operation's `consumes/produces` value(s)
* Validate the request parameter types
* Validate the request parameter values
* Validate the response values


Swagger Tools is available for both Node.js and the browser. Installation instructions for each environment are below.


Installation for browser applications can be done via Bowerbower or by downloading a standalone binary.

Using Bower

bower install swagger-tools --save

Standalone Binaries

The standalone binaries come in two flavors:
and no sourcemap


Installation for Node.js applications can be done via NPMnpm.
npm install swagger-tools --save

If you want to use the swagger-tools executable for validating Swagger documents, you can install swagger-tools globally using the following:
npm install -g swagger-tools


swagger-tools is heavily documented so head on over to the project documentationdocumentation or jump straight to the Quick Startquick-start.


This project uses Gulpgulp for building so npm install -g gulp once you clone this project. Running gulp in the project root will lint check the source code and run the unit tests.