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Simple plugin that adds support for yarn-like workspaces to typescript


Add the plugin to all your tsconfig.json files of the individual packages:
  "plugins": [{"name": "typescript-workspace-plugin"}]

Then at the toplevel package.json alongside yarn's "workspaces" entry, add a "workspace-sources" entry:
  "workspaces": ["packages/*"],
  "workspace-sources": {
    "*": ["packages/*/src"]

The field works exatly like the "paths" field in tsconfig.json but it only affects the language service of the individual projects, pointing them to the package sources. Restores proper "go to definition / type" functionality and similar.

Workspace TypeScript must be used.

Once you install and configure the plugin, make sure to switch to the workspace version of typescript installed with your project! Otherwise, the plugin will not be loaded.
From cmd+shift+p (ctrl+shift+p), type in:
  • typescript version
  • use workspace

If it still doesn't work after that, a cmd+shift+p -> Reload afterwards might help.


The packages still have their individual tsconfig.json
They can have separate repos and be cloned and developed completely independent of the master workspace like e.g. prosemirror: https://github.com/ProseMirror/prosemirror
When cloned independently, "go to definition" and "find references" functionality will behave as if the dependencies are standard node modules (definition files available only)