Make sure they’re curly and point downward

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Make sure they’re curly and point downwardrtfm

Micro module to help eliminate one of the bad typewriter habitshabits.


npm install --save typographic-apostrophes


Use typographic apostrophes in con­trac­tions and for pos­ses­sive case. This module don't cover posessive plurals, because it’s impossible to distinguish it from single closing quote.
That's why I created typographic-apostrophes-for-possessive-pluralsplurals, but it can be used safely only if there are zero closing quotes in the input; this can be achieved by typographic-quotesquotes. That’s why for ideal result you should use all three modules in the chain: apostrophes → quotes → apostrophes-for-possessive-plurals (order is important).
var apostrophes = require('typographic-apostrophes');

apostrophes(`I'm looking forward`);        // I’m looking forward
apostrophes(`Don't do it!`);               // Don’t do it!
apostrophes(`as in the eagle's feathers`); // as in the eagle’s feathers
apostrophes(`in one month's time`);        // in one month’s time
apostrophes(`'60s and '80s`);              // ’60s and ’80s
apostrophes(`rock'n'roll`);                // rock’n’roll
apostrophes(`rock 'n' roll`);              // rock ’n’ roll

Real world examples

Check complex usage with real world examples in typography playgroundplayground.


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