UAL implementation for SEEDS Wallet

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UAL Seeds Authenticator 🔐
UAL implementation for SEEDS Authenticator Authenticator.


The Universal Authenticator Library creates a single universal API which allows app developers to integrate multiple signature providers with just a few lines of code. This is done through custom Authenticators.
An Authenticator represents the bridge between UAL
and a custom signing method.
A developer that wishes to add support for their signature provider to UAL must create an Authenticator by implementing 2 classes. An Authenticator and a User.
The Authenticator class represents the business logic behind the renderer, handles login/logout functionality and initializes the User class.
Logging in returns 1 or more User objects. A User object provides the ability for an app developer to request the app User sign a transaction using whichever authenticator they selected when logging in.


npm i ual-seeds ( or yarn add ual-seeds )


In your main app js file
const telosChain = {
  chainId: "4667b205c6838ef70ff7988f6e8257e8be0e1284a2f59699054a018f743b1d11",
  rpcEndpoints: [
      protocol: "https",
      host: "",
      port: "443",

const seeds = new SeedsAuthenticator([telosChain], { appName: "Seeds App" });