Receives linear and angular velocities for the physical avatar and publishes current pose

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ubii-web-avatar-applier – Work in progress
Ubi-Interact linear and angular velocities receiver for physical avatars and current pose publisher. This is a necessary step in physical embodiment scenarios, where users are represented virtually through a physical avatar.


Ubii-web-avatar-applier can be used either as a standalone demo or as a node module in Your own applications.


This project communicates with a Ubi-Interact master node. Even though some of the functionality can be tested without it, it is recommended to have one.
To apply forces, this module receives linear and angular velocities from another Ubi-Interact component. It also publishes the resulting pose. ubii-web-ik-force-computation simplifies the process of publishing targets using abstractions similar to the ones in this module.

Online Demo

The demo in this project is available at https://goldst.dev/ubii-web-avatar-applier/dist/.

Running the demo locally

After cloning, install, and run the project:
npm install
npm start
Your terminal will contain the demo URL, e.g. http://localhost:8080. Note that the command starts a development server which is not suitable for production environments.

Using this project as a node module

To your existing node project, add the module:
npm i ubii-web-avatar-applier

You can either initialize the applier in HTML using the bundled version:
<script src=".node_modules/ubii-web-avatar-applier/dist/bundle.js"></script>

    new UbiiWebAvatarApplier.Applier(options);

Or you can import it directly in your JavaScript/TypeScript project:
import { Applier } from 'ubii-web-avatar-applier';

new Applier(options);

For available options, see ApplierOptions.ts.
That's it! Other than supplying the options, no further configuration is necessary. If you want to stop the applier, just call stop() on the applier object.

Development status and contributing

This project is work in progress. Let me know if you have any issues! Currently I'm not taking code contributions, because it is part of an university project. I am planing to open it up in June.