Ubuntu Font Family Bower-ready (also SASS-ready, LESS-ready, and plain CSS-ready)

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Ubuntu Font Family
Ubuntu Font Family Bower-ready (also SCSS-ready, LESS-ready, and plain CSS-ready)

How to use it

  1. Install it from Bower
$ bower install [--save] ubuntu-fontface

or from [NPM](http://npmjs.com/)

$ npm install [--save] ubuntu-fontface
  1. Import it on SCSS/LESS/CSS source code. Assuming {BOWER_PATH} is bower_components/; {SUFFIX} options
are -base, -condensed and -mono; {EXTENSION} options are css, less, scss, depending whether you're using pure CSS, SCSS or LESS. The {SUFFIX} is not available if you're importing the pure CSS file. A minified file is available for the pure CSS version.
@import "{BOWER_PATH}/ubuntu-fontface/ubuntu{SUFFIX}.{EXTENSION}";
  1. If you need any help (or have found any bug 🐞), please post it on
/issues. Thank you!



The Ubuntu Font Family is distributed under the Ubuntu Font Licence.
The source code in this project is distributed under the MIT License © Ewerton Assis