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uCoin Build Status
uCoin is a free server-side software allowing to create new P2P crypto-currencies based on individuals and Universal Dividend.
It is mainly inspired from OpenUDC project for that purpose, but differs defining its own open currency protocol called UCP (UCoin Protocol).

Development state

Software is still under development, and is not used yet. This means no currency using uCoin exists for now.
However, it is hoped to build a new currency in a near future according to the following roadmap:
  1. Several POCs (prototypes) of uCoin will be released (first during August/September 2014)
  2. Code adaptation, cleaning, unit tests
  3. Beta testing with volunteer people

uCoin is server-side software and will require client GUI to be (easily) used. Feel free to propose yours!

Going further


Visit ucoin.io website: it gathers theoretical informations, FAQ and several useful links. If you want to learn, this is the first place to visit.

Talk about/get involved in uCoin project

If you wish to participate/debate on uCoin, you can:



  • Official OpenUDC project website:
  • Official OpenUDC repository:
  • Other project trying to implement OpenUDC in python:
This software is provided under GPLv3.