HTML5 Drag and Drop functionality for angular ui-grid

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Draggable rows plugin for ui-grid
NPM Bower License
Play with HTML5 drag and drop in angular ui-grid.
Checkout our codepen collection http://codepen.io/collection/nmykqV/


Install using npm
npm install ui-grid-draggable-rows

Install using bower
bower install ui-grid-draggable-rows

Add plugin as dependency to your module
angular.module("app", ["ui.grid", "ui.grid.draggable-rows"]);


To add drag and drop functionality you have to insert ui-grid-draggable-rows directive to your table.
<div ui-grid="gridOptions" class="grid" ui-grid-draggable-rows></div>

Now, you have to add draggable wrapper to your rowTemplate. If you have your own template just replace the inner div.
$scope.gridOptions = {
    rowTemplate: '<div grid="grid" class="ui-grid-draggable-row" draggable="true"><div ng-repeat="(colRenderIndex, col) in colContainer.renderedColumns track by col.colDef.name" class="ui-grid-cell" ng-class="{ \'ui-grid-row-header-cell\': col.isRowHeader, \'custom\': true }" ui-grid-cell></div></div>'

To add action after dropping row register new listener on rowDropped event.
$scope.gridOptions.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
    gridApi.draggableRows.on.rowDropped($scope, function (info, dropTarget) {
        console.log("Dropped", info);

To enable using a "handle" for dragging the rows, add the useUiGridDraggableRowsHandle property to your gridOptions and add this class to your handle: ui-grid-draggable-row-handle.
$scope.gridOptions.useUiGridDraggableRowsHandle = true;

Additional styling

When you drag a row over others they get additional css class ui-grid-draggable-row-over. This plugin has default styling for these elements. If you are using less you could import styles into your application.
@import "/path/to/bower_components/ui-grid-draggable-rows/less/draggable-rows";

If you are using clear css just put these styles into your stylesheet.
.ui-grid-draggable-row-target {
  opacity: 0.5 !important;
.ui-grid-draggable-row {
  height: 30px;
.ui-grid-draggable-row-over {
  position: relative;
.ui-grid-draggable-row-over:before {
  content: "";
  display: block;
  position: absolute;
  left: 0;
  width: 100%;
  border-bottom: 1px dotted #AAA;
.ui-grid-draggable-row-over--above:before {
  top: 0;
.ui-grid-draggable-row-over--below:before {
  bottom: 0;

List of events

| Event | Listener | Original event | Description | |---------------|----------------------------------------|------------------|---------------------------------------------| | rowDragged | function(info, rowElement) | onDragStart | Fired once during start dragging | | rowEnterRow | function(info, rowElement) | onDragEnter | Fired when draggable row enter on other row | | rowOverRow | function(info, rowElement) | onDragOver | Fired when draggable row is over other row | | rowLeavesRow | function(info, rowElement) | onDragLeave | Fired when draggable row leaves other row | | rowFinishDrag | function() | onDragEnd | Fired after finish dragging | | beforeRowMove | function(from, to, data) | | Fired before a row's index is changed | | rowDropped | function(info, targetElement) | onDrop | Fired when row is dropping to other row |
To listen these events just register new listener via ui-grid API.
info is an object with the following properties
    draggedRow: domElement,     // The dragged row element

    draggedRowEntity: object,   // The object the dragged row represents in the grid data (`row.entity`)

    targetRow: domElement,      // The target row element

    targetRowEntity: object,    // The object the target row represents in the grid data

    position: string,           // String that indicates whether the row was dropped
                                // above or below the drop target (determined by half row height)
                                // eg. 'above' or 'below'

    fromIndex: int,             // Original position of dragged row in sequence

    toIndex: int,               // New position of dragged row in the sequence

$scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
    gridApi.draggableRows.on.rowDragged($scope, function (info, rowElement) {
        console.log("Start dragging...");

        // do something

Public methods

| Method | Description | |-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------------| | setDragDisabled(boolean) | Enable or disable drag 'n drop functionality |
All public methods are accessible through dragndrop object from gridApi. See example below
$scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {

Handling grouping

In order to handle grouping you have to manually set the 'from' grouping value to that of the 'to' as shown below.
$scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
    gridApi.draggableRows.on.beforeRowMove($scope, function (from, to, data) {
        console.log("Setting the grouping values");
        data[from].groupValue = data[to].groupValue;


  • automatically insert the required template row
  • write test (better late than never)
  • improve documentation


Project is currently maintained by codewave.eu.


Plugin ui-grid-draggable-rows has been originally developed by Szymon Krajewski.


The MIT License © 2015 - 2016