Testcafe Selector for UI5

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This library allows the execution of UI5 specific testcafe scripts, utilizing com


$ npm install ui5-testcafe-selector --save-dev

Write Tests

With Chrome Plugin

Ideally you are using the Chrome Plugin ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ui5-e2e-test-automation/hcpkckcanianjcbiigbklddcpfiljmhj ) to generate the relevant code.

With WebIDE


Manual: Selectors (with Actions)

With UI5 Identifiers: ```js
import { UI5Selector } from "ui5-testcafe-selector";
await t.click(UI5Selector("cbType-arrow"));
``` With Complex Properties (for all examples, check the chrome plugins, or the provided auto complete of visual studio code): ```js
import { UI5Selector } from "ui5-testcafe-selector";
await t.click(UI5Selector({ "parentL3": { "identifier": { "ui5Id": "cbType" } }, "property": { "key": "04" } }));

Manual: Asserts

Use the getUI5 Function to retrieve client information, to be asserted on. Here as an example, the selectedKeye property. ```js
import { UI5Selector } from "ui5-testcafe-selector";
await t.expect(UI5Selector("cbType").getUI5(({ element }) => element.property.selectedKey)).eql('04');

Run Tests

Use the standard testcafe cli. Example: $ testcafe chrome test_file.js Tip for UI5: The selector timeout is often not high enough. Increase it using "--selector-timeout"