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Uploadcare Vue
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Uploadcare Vue is an HTML5 file uploader which itself is a part of Uploadcare
It’s provided as a typical JavaScript library and can be easily embedded in your site.
The widget is highly customizable to fit your needs. It supports multi-file uploads, manual crop, integrations with social networks and cloud storage providers.
width="888" alt="Widget in action">


See the complete docs on using Uploadcare Widget here. See the usage section for component props.

Types of bundles

There's a few types of js bundles:
  • uploadcare.full.js — a full bundle with built-in jQuery,
  • uploadcare.js — a bundle without built-in jQuery,
  • uploadcare.api.js — a bundle without UI of the widget and built-in jQuery,
JavaScript API only,
  • uploadcare.ie8.js — a full bundle with built-in jQuery 1.x for IE 8 support (widget v. 2.x and below),
  • uploadcare.lang.en.js — a bundle without built-in jQuery, en locale only.

Each bundle has its minified version. Just add .min before .js, e.g. uploadcare.min.js.
By default, uploadcare.min.js is exported for npm and other package managers.


You’re free to choose from the install methods listed below.


npm install uploadcare-vue --save

import Uploadcare from 'uploadcare-vue'

Other install methods

The official Uploadcare Widget documentation has more install methods.


Once you’re done with the install, there are two simple steps to take to actually use the widget.
Set your public key.
Your secret key is not required for the widget
Insert widget element and uploadcare component will listen to any click event
<uploadcare :publicKey="YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY" @success="onSuccess" @error="onError">
  <button>New Asset</button>

Component Props

Internally, the component uses the Open Dialog API
and uses the props as options. All of the options on the Widget Configuration page are supported as props.


The widget is highly customizable through widget options. All configuration options together with ways to set them are described in our docs.

JavaScript API

You might not want to use all the features that our widget exhibits. Or, perhaps, you might want to redesign the user experience without having to reinvent the wheel. Maybe, you're in pursuit of building a UI on top of the widget. For all of those use cases, we provide a JavaScript API. Feel free to control the default widget with it, or make use of its standalone components that can be combined with your own solutions.


It’s possible that your locale is not available in the widget yet. If that’s the case, contributing your locale might be a good idea. This can be done by forking the main repository and adding a localization file here.

Browser Support

Our widget should work perfectly in a couple of the latest versions of major desktop browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It is most likely to run well in older versions of major browser too, except for Internet Explorer < 10.
If you need to support of old browsers and IE8 too, you might use v2 of widgetv2ie8.
    <td>Chrome: 37+</td>
    <td>Android Browser: 4.4+</td>
    <td>Firefox: 32+</td>
    <td>Opera Mobile: 8+</td>
    <td>Safari: 9+</td>
    <td>iOS Safari: 9+</td>
    <td>Edge: 12+</td>
    <td>IE Mobile: 11+</td>
    <td>IE: 10+</td>
    <td>Opera Mini: Last</td>


Check out the Uploadcare Widget development guide here.