An UriTemplate implementation of rfc 6570

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URI Template JS =============== This is a javascript implementation of RFC6570 - URI Template, and can expand templates up to and including Level 4 in that specification. It exposes a constructor function UriTemplate with the two methods:
  • (static) parse(uriTemplateText)
  • expand(variables)
Requirements ------------ You can use uritemplate.js in any modern browsers (Tested even with IE8 in IE7-Mode), see file demo.html. But you can also use it with node:
npm install uritemplate
UriTemplate = require('uritemplate'),
template = UriTemplate.parse('{?query*}';
template.expand({query: {first: 1, second: 2}});
--> "?firstParam=firstValue&secondParam=secondValue"
Tests ----- The tests are taken from https://github.com/uri-templates/uritemplate-test as a submodule. Run the tests with
node test.js
Comming soon ------------
  • npm support for npm install
  • A new method extract(uri), which tries to extract the variables from a given uri
License ------- Copyright 2012 Franz Antesberger MIT License, see http://mit-license.org/