Use a config file in your project.

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yarn add use-config


const UseConfig = require('use-config')

// Find config in order:
// poi.config.js
// package.json's poi property
const useConfig = new UseConfig({ name: 'poi' })

useConfig.load().then(res => {
  res.path // path to found config
  res.config // content of config

  if (!res.path) {
    // Config file is not found
}).catch(err => {
  // maybe a parse error

You can also specify the files we need to look for:
// To make it use poi.config.js and .poirc and poi.config.yml only
const useConfig = new UseConfig({
  name: 'poi',
  files: ['{name}.config.js', '.{name}rc', '{name}.config.yml']

// By default all non-js file will be treated as JSON
// But you can use custom loader for specific extension
useConfig.addLoader(/\.yml$/, filepath => parseYamlFile(filepath))

useConfig.load().then(res => {/* ... */})

when config value is undefined, we will ignore it and find next file. For example, you have a package.json but pkg[name] does not exist. If it's the last file that we can find, we will return { path, config: undefined }.


new UseConfig(options)

Type: string
Required: true
The config name, for name: 'poi' and files: ['{name}.config.js', 'package.json'], it will search poi.config.js and poi property in package.json.
Default: ['{name}.config.js', 'package.json']
The files to search in order, when it's package.json, we return the name property of it.
Default: process.cwd()
The path to search files.
Type: function
A fallback loader for non-js files, by default we load it with load-json-file:
function fallbackLoader(filepath) {
  return this.sync ? loadJsonFile.sync(filepath) : loadJsonFile(file)


Return: A Promise which resolves to { path, config } or {} when no config file was found.
By default all .js files will be loaded via require and all other files will be treated as JSON format which is load using fs and JSON.parse.


Return: { path, config } or {} when no config file was found.
To use .loadSync() method you should ensure all custom loaders added via .addLoader() supports this.

useConfig.addLoader({ test, loader })


Type: RegExp
Required: true
The regular expression to match filepath.


Type: function
Required: true
The function to get file content. Either synchronus or returns a Promise.
If you're using the .loadSync() method please ensure it performs no async operations when this.sync === true:
function yamlLoader(filepath) {
  return this.sync ? yaml.loadSync(filepath) : yaml.load(filepath)

Note that you can't use arrow function here since you need access to this.


  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D


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