Makes all modules in Node get loaded in strict mode.

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Makes all modules in Node get loaded in strict mode.


// That's it, now everything is strict forever.
// in other words: FTFY, YOU'RE WELCOME.


Strict mode in JavaScript is virtually always a great thing. It prevents accidental global leakage, turns silent mistakes into errors, and removes with and arguments.callee and their sordid complexities. It's mostly a Good Thing.
Unfortunately, it also removes octal literals, which is kind of a bummer. You can pass octal strings to Node's functions that deal with file modes, and they'll do the right thing, so it's not completely horrible.
The implementation works by patching Node's internal module.wrapper array, and then freezing it, so that further modifications are not possible.
This means that error printouts that occur on the first line of a node module will be off by a few characters, since Node does a bit of math to account for its wrapper script, which will now be off by 13 characters. This is probably not a big problem, and not really worth working around.
Also, this means that the current module will not be affected. You should still "use strict" in the module that does require('use-strict'). This module applies strictness to all future modules loaded by your program.
Note You can also run node --use_strict and get the same effect without any of the caveats.