Generates FDF (PDF form input) files with UTF-8 support.

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UTF-8 FDF File Generator ======================== (Lite version - uses iconv-lite so that there are no binary dependencies). PDF file form filler file (FDF) generator. Generates FDF files based on UTF-16 (you don't have to convert anything) so they support UTF-8 characters. General Information ------------------- Usage ----- Its is synchronous, just call it, upon return, the file will be already created and you can use it: ``` JavaScript generator = require('utf8-fdf-generator').generator; generator({ myField01: "Gabriel Medina", myField02: "Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México" }, "output.fdf"); // Do whatever you need with file output.fdf here. ``` You usually do something like: ```bash user@server:~ $ pdftk template.pdf fillform generated.fdf output finaloutput.pdf flatten ``` Where:
  • template.pdf is the original PDF form
  • generated.fdf is the file we generated
  • final_output.pdf is the PDF file with fields filled using data from generated.fdf
Regards, Gabriel Medina Twitter: @Rha7 License ---- MIT Free Software, Hell Yeah!