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  • Owl Carousel is touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create a beautiful responsive carousel slider.


npm i v-owl-carousel or yarn add v-owl-carousel


import carousel from 'v-owl-carousel'

  <img src="https://placeimg.com/200/200/any?1">

  <img src="https://placeimg.com/200/200/any?2">

  <img src="https://placeimg.com/200/200/any?3">

  <img src="https://placeimg.com/200/200/any?4">


Set options,
<carousel :autoplay="true" :nav="false">




Usage in Nuxt.js

npm i v-owl-carousel
Then in your plugins/ directory, create a new file owl.js:
import Vue from 'vue'
import OwlCarousel from 'v-owl-carousel'

Vue.component('carousel', OwlCarousel)

Then in nuxt.config.js:
plugins: [
  {src: 'plugins/owl.js', ssr: false} // Only works on client side
], ...

And finally in the page or component:
<no-ssr> <!-- important to add no-ssr-->

  <carousel :options>




Available options

Currently following options are available.
(More to come)
  • items

type : number
default : 3
The number of items you want to see on the screen.
  • margin

type : number
default : 0
Margin-right (px) on item.
  • loop

type : boolean
default : false
Infinity loop. Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion.
  • center

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Center item. Works well with even an odd number of items.
  • nav

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Show next/prev buttons.
  • autoplay

Type: Boolean
Default: false
  • autoplaySpeed

Type: Number/Boolean
Default: false
Autoplay speed.
  • rewind

Type: Boolean
Default: true
Go backwards when the boundary has reached.
  • mouseDrag

Type: Boolean
Default: true
Mouse drag enabled.
  • touchDrag

Type: Boolean
Default: true
Touch drag enabled.
  • pullDrag

Type: Boolean
Default: true
Stage pull to edge.
  • freeDrag

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Item pull to edge.
  • stagePadding

Type: Number
Default: 0
Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours).
  • autoWidth

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Set non grid content. Try using width style on divs.
  • autoHeight

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Set non grid content. Try using height style on divs.
  • dots

Type: Boolean
Default: true
Show dots navigation.
  • autoplayTimeout

Type: Number
Default: 5000
Autoplay interval timeout.
  • autoplayHoverPause

Type: Boolean
Default: false
Pause on mouse hover.
  • responsive

Type: Object
Default: {}
Example : :responsive="{0:{items:1,nav:false},600:{items:3,nav:true}}"
Object containing responsive options. Can be set to false to remove responsive capabilities.

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