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Common utility functions used throughout the vandium projects.


Install via npm.
npm install vandium-utils --save


clone( obj )

Clones an object. If the value is not an object or null then the existing value is returned.

dateToISOString( data, milliseconds = false )

Creates an ISO string for a given date.

isArray( value )

Determines if a values is an array. This implementation uses Array.isArray().

isFunction( value )

Determines if a value is a function.

isNullOrUndefined( value )

Determines if a value is null or undefined.

isObject( value )

Determines if a value is an Object.

isObjectEmpty( obj )

Determines if the object is empty

isPromise( value )

Determines if a value is a Promise

isString( value )

Determines if a value is a string

parseBoolean( value )

Parses a value to a boolean result. Values can be:
  • "on" "yes", "true", "off", "no", "false" (case insensitive)
  • true, false

templateString( template, obj )

Creates a string from a template and substitutes values from obj.
const { templateString } = require( 'vandium-utils' );

// str1 = "Hello Fred"
let str1 = templateString( 'Hello ${name}', { name: 'Fred' } );

// str2 = "Hello Fred, I see you live in Toronto"
let str = templateString( 'Hello ${name}, I see you live in ${}', {
		name: 'Fred',
		place: {

			city: 'Toronto'


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