Verify JWT Tokens from AWS Cognito

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Verify Cognito Token
Verify either the ID token or the access token provided by AWS Cognito.
This is a Node friendly refactor of AWS labs' decode-verify-jwt. The process is explained in the section Using ID Tokens and Access Tokens in your Web APIs from this AWS Document.
Install with npm install verify-cognito-token -S


// params
const params = {
  region: '<your-aws-region>',  // required
  userPoolId: '<your-user-pool-id>', // required
  debug: true // optional parameter to show console logs

//optional claims examples
const claims = {
  aud: '<your-app-client-id>',
  email_verified: true,
  auth_time: time => time <= 1524588564,
  'cognito:groups': groups => groups.includes('Admins')

const Verifier = require('verify-cognito-token');
const verifier = new Verifier(params, claims);

.then(result =>{
  //result will be `true` if token is valid, non-expired, and has matching claims
  //result will be `false` if token is invalid, expired or fails the claims check

The userPoolId parameter is available from Cognito/Manage Your User Pools/Your-Pool-Name/General Settings.
The claims parameter is an optional parameter used to match against the token's claims. Its keys are claim names and its values can be any of string, number, boolean, function. If the value is any of string, number, boolean it is checked for strict equality against the token's claim with a matching name. If it is a function, the function is run against the claim. Do not try to match against an object or an array; rather use a function to test for a particular property.