Verifies that JUnit XML describes a successful test run

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Verifies that JUnit XML describes a successful test run. This is useful if, for example, you want to run unit tests in Maven's integration-test phase and verify their output in the verify phase.

Running tests

Assuming you have npm installed, run the following in the verify-junit-xml directory:
$ npm install
$ npm install --global gulp
$ gulp test


Command line

The verify-junit-xml script takes one or more paths to JUnit XML files and verifies that they all describe successful test runs. If any file reports errors or failures the script logs to stderr and exits with status code 1.
$ npm install -g verify-junit-xml

$ verify-junit-xml --help
Usage: verify-junit-xml file [file ...]

# A successful test run
$ verify-junit-xml successful.xml
$ echo $?

# An unsuccessful test run
$ verify-junit-xml unsuccessful.xml
The JUnit XML file "unsuccessful.xml" describes an unsuccessful test run
$ echo $?

# An invalid JUnit XML file
$ verify-junit-xml invalid.xml
Couldn't verify the JUnit XML file "invalid.xml"

# Multiple files
$ verify-junit-xml successful.xml also-successful.xml
$ echo $?

Node module

The verify-junit-xml node module exports a custom error class and two functions, both returning Bluebird promises.


A custom error class that is used to indicate an unsuccessful test run as opposed to, e.g. failure to read a JUnit XML file. See the example below.

verifyFile(path) -> Promise

Verify that the JUnit XML file at the specified path describes a successful test run. The returned promise is resolved on success, rejected with an UnsuccessfulError if it describes an unsuccessful test run, and rejected with no error on failure (e.g. can't read the file).
var junitXml = require('verify-junit-xml');

junitXml.verifyFile('results.xml').then(function () {
  // Success
}).catch(junitXml.UnsuccessfulError, function () {
  // Test errors or failures
}).catch(function () {
  // Unknown error

verifyXml(xml) -> Promise

Verify that the given JUnit XML describes a successful test run. The promise is rejected / resolved in the same way as verifyFile.