A very fast way to convert arguments into array.

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Very fast way of converting "arguments" into array.
This module does the same than fast-args, the only difference is that you can call this with apply.
Using function.apply(null, arguments) works on the optimizing compiler while using function(arguments) generates a leaks of the arguments object and prevent optimizations.
This module uses rest parameters if supported by the javascript engine.


npm i --save very-fast-args


const fargs = require('very-fast-args');

function myFunc() {
  const args = fargs.apply(null, arguments);
  //do something with args.

Always use fargs.apply(null, arguments) and do not use fargs(arguments).

Test about optimization

You can test the behavior of the compiler as follows:
» node --trace-deopt --trace-opt bench/simple.js | grep arguments
» node --trace-deopt --trace-opt bench/simple-with-fa.js | grep arguments
[disabled Crankshaft for 0x384b6486d409 <SharedFunctionInfo withVeryFastArgs>, reason: Bad value context for arguments value]


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.