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The lightweight Flash video player for Video.js. This allows the Video.js player's skins, plugins, and other features to work with both HTML5 and Flash.
This project doesn't need to be used if you simply want to use the Flash tech in Video.js.


  1. Install Node Packages.
npm install
2. Compile SWF.
Development (places new SWF in /dist/):
grunt mxmlc
Production/ Distribution (runs mxmlc task and copies SWF to dist/):
grunt dist
3. Run Connect Server.
grunt connect:dev
  1. Open your browser at http://localhost:8000/index.html to see a video play. You can keep using grunt to rebuild the Flash code.


  1. Make sure that the following file is modified with these values:


<!-- Specifies the minimum player version that will run the compiled SWF. -->

<!-- Specifies the version of the compiled SWF -->

  1. Run the commands:
npm version {major,minor,patch}
npm publish
The swf and changelog will be automatically built and added to the repo on version.

Running Unit and Integration Tests

Note - We want to drop all of this for grunt based / Karma testing.
For unit tests, this project uses FlexUnit
. The unit tests can be found in project root/src/com/videojs/test/
For integration tests, this project uses qunit. The integration tests can be found in project root/test
In order to run all of the tests, use the links at http://localhost:8000/index.html
There are very few tests. Adding to them is a fantastic and much appreciated way to contribute.