Library for decoding VIN number

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Vin decoder
Library for decoding VIN number

All data in this library has been taken from vin-decoder. vin-decode is heavily based on that library but it seems to be unfinished and not updated anymore.


Why this exists?
There are no good libraries that can decode VIN and return even basic information (like brand and country)

Are there good alternatives?

I didn't find any. Did you? Let me know!

I found a bug! What should I do?

Feel free to make a pull request. All contributions are appreciated!


Getting started

Install dependencies
npm i --save vin-decode

Get information from VIN
import vinDecoder from 'vin-decode';

vinDecoder('BADVINNUMBER'); // will return false (currently checks only the length of VIN)
vinDecoder('EXAMPLEVINNUMBER').split(); // will return object of codes from VIN
vinDecoder('EXAMPLEVINNUMBER').decode(); // will return object of codes from vin with manufacturer, country, year fields decoded