A vite plugin to build userscripts mainly for Tampermonkey.

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Recommended to use vite-plugin-monkey
推荐使用功能更丰富的 vite-plugin-monkey
Tampermonkey userscript developing & build plugin based on vite.


  • Configure Tampermonkey's Userscript Header via a separate config file or the tmHeader field in package.json
  • Automatically add used grant when building for production
  • Import all grant by default in development mode, and add all grant methods to unsafeWindow
  • Through simple configuration, the imported external package can be require and automatically imported UNPKG CDN, see the plugin configuration below for details



```bash yarn add vite-plugin-tm-userscript -D
npm install vite-plugin-tm-userscript -D ```

Configure vite.config.ts

```js import { defineConfig } from 'vite' import Userscript from 'vite-plugin-tm-userscript' // export default defineConfig({ plugins:
externalGlobals: ['vue']
}) ```

Configure Userscript Header

There are five ways to configure Userscript Header, the priority is as follows
  1. Plugin option headers
  1. header.config.json
  1. header.config.js
  1. header.config.txt
  1. tmHeader field in package.json
Among them, header.config.txt uses Tampermonkey header annotation configuration, will not be processed, directly inserted into the script header The other four formats are configured in json format, and multiple attribute configurations such as match are represented by an array, and grant and require are automatically added after processing See example/header.config.js for example configuration For specific property configuration, see Tampermonkey Documentation

Plugin Configuration

```ts export interface TMPluginOptions { entry?: string; autoGrant?: boolean; headers?: TmHeaderConfig; externalGlobals?: string | Record>; } ```


See Configure Userscript Header For example ```js // vite.config.js import { defineConfig } from 'vite' import Userscript from 'vite-plugin-tm-userscript' export default defineConfig({ plugins:
entry: 'main.js',
headers: {
name: 'Test',
namespace: '',
author: 'asadahimeka',
description: 'No description',
source: '',
supportURL: '',
license: 'MIT',
match: '*',
require: '',
'run-at': 'document-start',
, }) ```


Configure external packages, such as vue, axios, etc., to reduce the package size, and automatically declare require Three configuration forms, CDN can be customized, if CDN is not configured, UNPKG CDN is used by default ```js // 1 Userscript({ externalGlobals: 'jquery' }) // 2 Userscript({ externalGlobals: {
'jquery': 'jQuery'
} }) // 3 Userscript({ externalGlobals: {
'jquery': ['jQuery', '']
} }) // => return { rollupOptions: {
external: ['jquery']
output: {
globals: {
jquery: 'jQuery'
} } // @require ```


boolean type, defaults to true Automatically analyze the Tampermonkey grant used in the code and add it to the Userscript Header declaration


Entry file, default is src/main.js or src/main.ts


See the example folder


Vite Configuration Additional Instructions

Production build mode will force the configuration of
  • Camel case of the name (required) attribute of the package name package.json to build, and the file name to build is also related to it
  • The file packaging format is iife, no compression, no separation of css files
  • Additionally configured rollupOptions to support other features

Disable CSP(Content-Security-Policy)

In development mode, the script of vite needs to be injected through the script tag. Some websites have enabled CSP(Content-Security-Policy), resulting in an error. You can install the Chrome plugin Disable Content-Security-Policy or Always Disable Content-Security-Policy, to disable CSP(Content-Security-Policy), open the plug-in during development (remember to close it at other times to ensure the security of web browsing). Also, you can change Tampermonkey options(open extension://iikmkjmpaadaobahmlepeloendndfphd/options.html#nav=settings) at Security, set Modify existing content security policy (CSP) headers to Remove entirely (possibly unsecure).


gorilla vite-plugin-tampermonkey vite-plugin-monkey


Forked from vite-plugin-tampermonkey. Licensed under the MIT license.