Basic in-memory caching library for the Volos system.

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This is a memory-backed implementation of cache support for Volos.
Once initialized, the interface to the module is exactly what is in the "volos-cache-common" module. See that module for detailed docs.


To get a cache, you call "create" on the exported module and pass a name and "options" hash. The options can contain the following parameters:
ttl: the default ttl (in ms) to use for cached values (optional, default: 300ms) encoding: the default string encoding to use for cached values (optional, default: none) maxEntries: the maximum number of entries maintained before dropping the least recent entries (optional, default: 1000)
Note: The cache name represents a namespace. A created cache will share values (but not necessary options) with other volos-cache-memory caches on this node you create using the same name.