A Vue Cli 3 plugin for Electron with no required configuration

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Vue CLI Plugin Electron Builder
A Vue Cli 3 plugin for Electron with no required configuration that uses Electron Builder.
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IMPORTANT: Your app must be created with Vue-CLI 3 (vue create my-app), will not work with Vue-CLI 2 (vue init webpack my-app)!
IMPORTANT: These docs are for the v1.0.0-beta release of VCP Electron Builder. If you were previously using an older version of vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder (<1.0.0), please see the upgrade guide or view the old docs.

Quick Start:

Open a terminal in the directory of your app created with Vue-CLI 3.
Then, install and invoke the generator of vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder by running:
vue add electron-builder
That's It! You're ready to go!

To start a development server:

If you use Yarn
(strongly recommended):
yarn serve:electron
or if you use NPM:
npm run serve:electron

To build your app:

With Yarn:
yarn build:electron
or with NPM:
npm run build:electron
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